Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the Record


Granted I still only have 4 tv channels (don't ask), but this little lady manages to take away the cable pain for an hour a night..well Monday through Wednesday.

Other News in Ashton's South African World:

1. My cousin has his first rugby game of the season and Im SUPER STOKED to go see him dominate on those little chumps. Literally.

2. My new roomie moves in on Sunday! Yay Mandatory Friend!

3. My mom is coming over for close to a month and she arrives so soon! I'm headed to Cape Town to meet up with everyone two weeks from now. So excited! I've missed her and her foodie ways..who else can I talk food with for HOURS!?!?

4. The rats were racing around at night this week. I thought they were going to drop out of the ceiling and crawl into bed with me. Luckily, they (yes, THEY!) are being taken care of today and guess what? There's a poison that makes them solidify. I just keep imagining a thousand rat statues in my attic.

That's all the exciting (or not so exciting) things I can think of right now. Have a good weekend! I'll take pics -I found my camera cord- this weekend!

PS - Dad & Mom - I'm having a s(c)hwarma for lunch! Jealous?!?

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