Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy (but productive) Sunday

Happy Sunday to ya! I was in Joburg for my cousin's awesome game this weekend. It was even better than last weekend- super intense. We wined and dined in the players box..I think I prefer the stands though...more rowdy fun there! After, I met up with MY MOM!!! We chatted and caught up but I wasn't able to stay long since they were planning to leave for their roadtrip across the country at 4am Sunday morning. I had another surreal grown up moment this I was a real person. Woke up early- 7:30am- out the door to Wimpy's (which is kind of like a South African Perkins) for breakfast and a much needed cappuccino (there is a SEVERE lack of coffee shops here..Starbucks I'm talking to you- and to add on to my coffee woes, the coffee shop I went in to earlier this week had a broken espresso machine so they only had hot chocolate..not cool- ok enough ranting), had a lovely breakfast watching an Arsenal game (Dad and Mike-ouch on the Man Utd loss), stumbled upon an open air market where there were lots of neat things including these!

They are all handmade with beads and wire. Pretty sweet huh? I wanted a giraffe but they didn't have one..fate I guess. After, I picked up some groceries, was called "Mami" on the street by a "gentleman," cleaned the house and was able to lay out for a bit. The work week is short for me because I will be taking in these views:

FROM CAPE TOWN with my mom and her side of the fam!! We are also going to a wine festival ( where you can actually stomp grapes!! Exciting! That's about it for me. I leave you with some South African talent..check out their 'staches. Hilarious, boys.

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