Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Habitat Build

The new people in the office were lucky enough to get a day off (hehe) to go build a house! Well some of a house. I wasn't too happy about getting dirty but I did not show it because I was really excited to see Habitat work on a grassroots level. So I mixed cement with dirt (but got my shovel taken away, apparently I didnt have the right form), carried plywood with my BARE hands (on my shoulder-felt pretty legit), painted oil on things to protect from water damage and mostly, I played with the neighborhood kids. Here are some pictures from the day- Oh, I also got into my first car accident in SA, just a fender bender from a lady with no insurance, id, passport- just another story for you folks!

So this is just a small glimpse at the work Habitat is doing in Africa. We also renovate houses, give loans so families can build incrementally, build houses for free for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and give community education classes. If you get a free minute, check out the website (PSA over!)

I scored some tickets to Argentina vs. Korea tomorrow at Soccer City so stay tuned for those sweet pictures!

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