Tuesday, June 8, 2010

USA vs. Australia

Last Saturday I attended the USA vs. Australia friendly and it was AMAZING. Thanks to my pop's friend, this girl had first row seats and saw the husband UP CLOSE! Security was INSANE though and they weren't allowed near the fans..don't think I didn't think about jumping that fence..all's fair in love and war. Oh, and David Beckham was there. nbd.

Heyyy Husband (that doesn't know it yet)

Check out the assets! hehe

So excited!

A little Tim Howard action

Clint Dempsey- who I learned by watching this game has a very short temper..and I like it!

Landon love for Em


And that is just a practice game, think how awesome it will be/how jealous you will be when I am at the actual game! How fun. For me that is :)

Tomorrow, Habitat is taking all the new people on a build around Joburg. Which means I will be getting down and dirty (PPL)! Pictures to come!

***Note: I know that I look SUPER stalker-like with these pictures but it's all in good fun. If Carlos and/or anyone that knows him is reading, know that I ain't a crazy. Unless he wants to get hitched, in that case lez do dis. ***

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