Thursday, March 25, 2010

bears beets battlestar galactica!

I thought I would reference The Office when showing you MY office is! Here's an outside pic.

Tuesdays here are Tortilla Tuesdays with my roommate- Tahila, and the other American intern, Aaron and his wife Elena. So we had tostadas at their house- Elena made the tortillas from scratch! Turns out they arent a hot commodity over here....Wednesdays, the roommate and I go out for Happy Hour in Hatfield Square. Buy one get one's are never wrong! But tonight!! It's dinner at our house - last week it was lasagna, salad and garlic bread with Malva Pudding ( my favorite SA dessert) and tonight its pesto pasta with Sundried tomatoes and mushrooms with veggies and Milktart (another SA fav) --Pics to come, I promise!

Here are Malva Pudding and Milktart pics.

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