Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Weekend

This past weekend, I was over in Joburg visiting the fam. Here are some pics of my cousins, Ethan and Danielle. I call Ethan my boyfriend (he is 4, I know that is illegal!) and he gets embarrassed when I do I do it a lot and in public. Danielle is into modeling and she is a balla at netball (i think its kind of like ultimate frisbee but on a basketball court and with a ball?)...

And a sweet "trading card" of my cousin..he looks pretty intense IS the Connell way.

I also got a chance to hang out with my mom's side of the fam. I WISH I had taken a picture of the GLORIOUS food that was prepared but I totally forgot. Next time, because that food was da bomb dot com. That was on Sunday but on Monday, we went to the Rhino and Lion Park for a little game drive. Too bad it was rainy and we almost got stuck in the mud (because the roads arent paved) and couldnt watch the lions feed but there will be many more chances. Here are some pics of the other animals we saw...

Look at this crazy pygmy hippo. I just wanted to SQUEEZE it!

This crazy monkey!

Some Crocs

This little thing did NOT like humans. And he kept pacing. I felt really bad. I think he was a meerkat. (As in Meerkat Manor..a terrible show)

A Caracel

I forget what this little tyke is called but people try and keep them as pets because they act just like cats. (Shanty- he reminded me of Monk so much!!!!)

They call these "Dinosaur Birds" - thats not the real name obviously but I like this name better.

Itty bitty wions

This crazy bird. I wanted to push it over but its beak could break my arm. (what am i? a 5 year old?)


Some Cape Buffalo who didn't give a fudge that we were there

A Waterhog - not WARThog...still stanky looking though.

Abou to charge the car! Not really.

All in all a sweet little weekend now, on to the next! Headed to Randburg this weekend in hopes of shopping, rugby game watching and wiener dog playing (FYI- they call them Sausage dogs here - not wieners...oh the cultural changes!) Have a great weekend!

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