Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekend Update

Lizzie! (didnt get one of the other runt)

Forest! (Elaine named him that because he had a walk like Forrest Gump! haha)

It was this guy's birthday - I made him wear the "I am 2" and "I am 3" to make the 23 hehe

Here's his cake. Pretty sweet huh? My Aunt Gwen made this one.

And this one. Taylor is looking delish..and best believe he was :)

And this one too. My other cousin's superhero cake! After we got into it...

We gave her candles that you can't blow out...hehe

What goes better with cake than mini juice box sizes of wine?? You could fit a bunch of those in a purse ya dig? (but I didn't, promise!)

Look at that little prince. He calls me "Ah-ten" as in "Ah-ten come chase me (until you pass out)"

So it was a weekend full of birthday parties, braais, tv and sleeping in. Next weekend more birthdays and Lusito Land! Yay for Friday!

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