Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Events

Saw Date Night. And it was funny. Gotta love Tina Fey (even if her baby isn't so cute)


And no, there was no popcorn this time. Although the equivalent of Cheetos here are called NikNaks and the package looks like this:

That guy looks like he knows how to hang.

Also started watching this

with my cousin Elaine- its actually pretty good- they do like using her "ladies" though - they are all over the place in that show.

Friday, the office is going ten pin bowling (or "bowling" for you Americans!) at Menlyn Mall- which is the biggest mall I have seen in awhile. Looks like this:

The white screen to the left is actually a movie screen for a drive in theatre on the 3rd floor. Pretty sweet huh?

And before I leave, please listen to what I wake up to every morning...

Jealous? I bet.

Edit: That is not my lawn or dog in the video, just another unfortunate soul that has to listen to that annoying noise.

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