Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 Things

1. I heard the Spice Girls and the Quad City DJs (Cmon Ride the Train- Fun Fact: I made the DJ at my dad and stepmom's wedding play this jam- looking back I can't believe they allowed me to get down to that..I was 8yrs old-thanks guys for putting up with that) at the crappy equivalent of Forever 21 this weekend. It made me happy.

2. I got these.

3. I saw SATC2 and I don't know how I feel about it.

4. The USA team has a friendly next weekend and I am going! And I'm not eating for a week (I kid, I kid - see below)

5. I made homemade hummus. Mom, you would be proud.

6. I had the best cappuccino this weekend. The foam was made so well, it had the thickness of cream. Bravo, little cafe around the corner.

7. I got some exciting job prospect news!

PS- A driving dog! (Em, I can hear you making the "eeeeeee" noise)

and FLAN- thought of you!

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