Monday, May 24, 2010

Miss Me??

Sorry I have been so scarce lately...I have been all over da joint. So the latest and greatest news I have is of my latest adventure to Durban, a typical tourist hot spot here. Even though its winter here right now, Durbs is summer all year long and FILLED with Indian influences (you know how I feel about Indian culture- if you don't, I love it) so I'm expecting some nice tropical vacay. WRONG. It was the scariest (like 7 year old kids huffing into coke bottles at 6pm on a street corner kind of scary) with a mediocre helping of Indian food. I did mess up and get curry instead of the beloved bunny chows, which consist of a spicy curry inside a hollowed out bread loaf..and kind of looks like this (its not the prettiest looking thing but its supposed to be the bomb dot com):

I did get a chance to touch the Indian ocean though-which is always warm- compared to the Atlantic, which is found in Cape Town. Durbs is also known for the Zulu people that live in the area and are mostly hawkers, or street vendors. I tried to bargain with these people but I get too nervous and the convo ususally goes like this..

Me: How much for this?
Hawker: R35
Me: How about for two?
H: I give you good price- R50
Me: How about R15 for one?
H: You're dumb (with their eyes that is)

I am terrible at this. They totally see right through me and I just end up walking away. Like a straight up chump.

In other news, I don't have a job or a ticket home yet. I get kicked out of the country on June 29th so I must get it togetha

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