Monday, May 3, 2010

Lusito Land!

Heeyyy there! Here are some pictures from the weekend- I totally forgot about taking pictures at the Wine and Oyster Festival...I was preoccupied ya know? We had copious amounts of wine and oysters with tabasco and lemon, biltong, olives, cheese and made so many friends haha. Isnt that always the case? What I will say is that you should all go and find South African wines, especially pinotages, (Toasted Pheasant take note!) because they are better than pinot noirs. They. are. amazing.

We also celebrated my cousin Carol's birthday that day. Since we ate all that cake the previous weekend, I baked fairycakes (cupcakes)...who doesn't love cake in a travel ready form??

After all of our wining and dining, my cousin decided to take a whole bucket full of wine WAS her birthday after all!

The next day, we celebrated the Portuguese culture by eating GOOD food, riding scary carnival rides and eating some more. First, we caught my cousin doing the damn thing with her dance group:

Then we ate...(I forgot to take a picture of the Prego roll, which is thinly sliced steak in a spicy sauce on a crusty roll, it kinda looks like this but no greens- its all about the meat (that's what she said) (i miss the office-i cant watch hulu here, it's illegal)

We also had a "fartura" which is a churro but flat and giant. Take that
Dani! You and your Californian speciality churros!

We also had a "candy floss" (cotton candy) that was as big as my cousin.

And what else do you do after you eat all that crap?

Go on super fast-make me want to puke- rides! We did this one, which whips your neck until it almost breaks- another one sort of like the Phoenix at Busch Gardens that rocks back and forward and swings over- and we also did the one that swings you in a circle (that ironically is called the "Mexican Wave" which is the SA version of our "wave" - sorry to all my mexican peeps, they dont even know why its called that) It was then that we decided to bounce but we couldnt forget a classic before we left!

This was straight up Portuguese prawn pulling off their little legs and sucking their heads good. Except I can't get myself to suck their just feels wrong. They were tasty though. Sadly, the chips were crap. And that was the weekend...btw the new series we are currently watching at my weekend home is The Good Wife..and its [good].

And it is FREEZING in this country. Winter is coming so quickly and the *great* thing about South African houses is that they don't have insulation a.k.a. heating! Should be an interesting couple of months. Holler.

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