Monday, January 11, 2010

Eeek it's time for an update!!

Well I've been in good ol' SA for awhile now and my blogging abilities are terrible! I am FINALLY settled in the new apartment/duplex HFH gave me so I should be a lot better at this! I promise! Let's start from the beginning shall we?

I arrived in SA on December 30th, about 2 weeks before my internship started. During that time, I was staying with my cousin, Willem (Vill-em) --> W's are V's here! and his fiancee, Elaine. Willem plays rugby for a club team here in SA and is 6'8ft. YES 6'8 FT!!!! Pics to come on that. Here are some pics of their super sweet house I was staying in. Shoutout to Elaine and Will for letting me crash and being such great hosts!

All my worldly possessions

Standard SA bathtub. Used to be the big shower's are all the rage.

Living Room. aka "Lounge"

Tilt yo head. It's the kitchen!

Front Gate. Most, if not all the houses in SA have electric gates with fencing

And signs like these.

Zee mini pool

Their puppies! Bizzy and Lizzy. 1/2 dachshund 1/2 jack russells!

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