Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Years Eve in Africa!

Those zany South Africans!

I spent my New Years Eve at Emperor's Palace, a HUGE casino and hotel in Joburg (Check it out here) with some of my dad's side of the family. We had a lovely dinner, oxtail was available but I wimped out, partied pretty hard at a club/bar called News Cafe where I experienced Giggle Juice, numerous shots including Springbok shots ( the Springboks are SA's national rugby team and the shot consisted of Amarula- a coffee-ish liquor and ABSINTHE! It's legal here!!!!) and a PK, which had grain alcohol, grapefruit schnapps and something else that I have blocked from my memory- PK actually stands for something NASTY in Afrikaans and my rude cousins thought it would be funny to make me tell the family what it meant REPEATED times! This was after the Giggle Juice, clearly. We celebrated the new year with some crazy house music ( Lauren, you would love the sCeNe here) and won 6,000 Rand (SA currency)- divide that by 7 to get US dollars- on roulette but lost it all because we were too confident/dumb. Made it to bed aroud 5 and woke up to a lovely breakfast and at least 2 naps during the day. Quite a start to the year!

My Cousin Kyle and I at dinner

My cousin Greg's girlfriend Ashleigh and her friend Candice

The Steyn boys - Kyle and Greg

Part of the casino

Another view

Some of the fam

Maturity at its finest

So thats how NYE went that it's January 14th, I'm glad I could share that all with you. Lots to catch up on- Lion Park visit, New Apartment and I'm headed to Joburg this weekend so I'm sure I'll have pictures from that. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great!

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