Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some Animalz!

My cousin's fiancee, Elaine and I went to a Lion Park my first week in SA. The park was literally named Lion Park. No beating around the bush here..which is funny because they call the wild "the bush." It was a rainy-ish day but we still managed to see some neat things. We toured the grounds in a safari bus- thats why some of the pictures are through bars. For protection yo.

Question: Is a Zebra black with white stripes OR white with black stripes??

Did you know that you can stand on an ostrich egg and it won't break?? There's only one animal that can break an egg open with its teeth..a hyena!

Cute right? Until he eats you. Belee dat.


Da whole pride!

It started to rain at one point when we were touring one particular lion enclosure. These lions have gotten smart though! Everytime it rains, they run under the safari truck for cover so the truck can't move!

All I can say is EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Love them. And hopefully, Nick/Salute Your Shorts/Ug has taught you that a giraffe's tongue is BLACK!

This cheetah was in a terrible mood. I think its because its enclosure was the size of a shoebox and it couldnt run :(

CUBS! We got to hold them but they were a little tired of being handled by annoying 3 year olds so we didnt attempt much.

And after, we met my uncle and aunt for a seafood lunch...where you eat out of woks?
I had spicy, grilled calamari and prawns (kind of like shrimp and crayfish mixed)

More updates to come! And the answer to the zebra question...NEITHER! They are gray! The white and black stripes grow in as fur but if you were to shave their hair, they would be gray all over!

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  1. Fee-Lions! i loooove it! and also the old school nick reference, so true! i miss u shtunna!