Monday, January 25, 2010


Here are some pictures of what happens when I go out with my cousins. Last weekend,we went out to one of those Portuguese restaurants where they carve the meat right in front of you and mixed it with some colorful drinks.

The Whole Gang

Kylie and Me

The Fish Bowl

Greg and his Fish Bowl

So Greg likes to do a little dance when he has a couple and it looks very koala-like, so we refer to that dance as the "Ay Mate." Ironically, a lady was selling stuffed animals during dinner and WE FOUND A KOALA!

"Ok, be sad now"

What would a huge, meat dinner be without a flaming shot? Thanks Stac!

Ash & Greg



This week can't fly by fast enough! Friday, I'm attending a "Where were you when the ship went down?" themed party. Saturday, I'm celebrating my birthday with an "A and C" party, which is both a shout out to the government here (the ANC or African National Congress) and my initials. So, everyone attending has to dress up as either something beginning with A or C. Should be interesting!

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