Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The New Digs!

For those of you who have no clue what I'm doing in Africa, I am interning with Habitat for Humanity's Africa and Middle East Headquarters for the next 6 months in Pretoria, South Africa. Our office deals with all 19 countries in Africa and the Middle East where HFH is active. I work directly with the Research Development and Communications department seeking donors and affiliates and also work on developing the Global Village program in Africa and the Middle East. Here are the digs the organization hooked me up with. Keep in mind, these are the BEFORE pics.

Side View of the Kitchen

Through the kitchen into the living room aka lounge

Patio to the left..yes those are burgular bars..stairs to the bedrooms and my teensy weensy little 4 channel worries cable is a'comin

Lush African foliage..overgrown foliage that is

Told ya bathtubs were the jam...but not for moi. And these are not luxurious, resting tubs-these are get in, wash yourself and go! Lucky for me, there's a shower..the size of coffin. Tight squeezin indeed.

So I had the moral dilemma of deciding what room to take when I first moved in. I mean, this room is TINY but would the roommate think I was a bia because I took the bigger one or should I take the obvious winner and say finders keepers sucka! This choice was screwing with me hardcore because after all, this is a Christian organization?!?!?! All will be revealed in the After pics.

Room Deux

So thats the gem I am working with over here in the "bush." Well, not exactly the bush but this is Africa. Sometimes I catch myself not believing that I am actually here..and not just visiting..I live here! So crazy (that was for you Dad) and before I go, I want to point out my better blogging and leave you with some SA slang.

Howzit? = Hey, what's up? / How's it going?
Iz it? = Comes out like one word- Used for Really?
Lekker (Lacka) = Cool, good = This burger is lekker!
Ag man (Ahck man) = Said like yeah right/oh man -heavy on the Ahck
Babbelas = hangover ...I've got such a babbelas (I've heard this a lot lately)
Bakkie (buckie) = truck ( For you Elaine and Will!!!!!)
Bliksem = Hit/punch ...I'm going to bliksem you!
Dof (Doff) = Dumb ..Ag man, he's so dof!
Kak (Kock) = shit ...You talk kak man!
Neer = No
Ja (Yah) = Yes
Skelm (Skel-em) = Thief, crook ...Watch out for the skelms around here (Direct Quote..eek)
Tekkies (Tackies) = Sneakers...Grab your tekkies.

So there's a little knowledge for you! Have a great night! And for the record, I did NOT use those god awful sheets that were on the beds.

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